Traffic sign posted to keep deaf child safe

Manuela Trevino

A Rio Grande City mother is relieved after city officials installed a sign alerting drivers a deaf child lives nearby.

Manuela Trevino said she is always thinking about safety when it comes to her two children.

My concern was that people here in the community would drive really fast, Trevino said.

She is especially concerned about her daughter Kayla, she was born deaf and with Down syndrome.

Through her life there have been many doctor TMs appointments, Trevino said.

The 10-year-old girl has overcome many obstacles; she had surgery to help her hear and therapy to help her speak.

But Trevino worries for Kayla TMs safety when she plays in front of their home.

Trevino called the city requesting a sign be put up to alert people a deaf child lived in the area.

I TMve been here 12 to 13 years, I TMve never had that request, Mayor Ruben Villarreal said. I kind of scratched my head.

The city bought a sign for $100 that reads ~CAUTION DEAF CHILD AREA TM and ~SLOW Children Playing. TM

The city installed it near Trevino TMs home in a matter of weeks.

I think it meant a lot to the mother because she was very, very pleased that someone listened and someone cared, Villarreal said. As someone working for the city, that was one of the most rewarding experiences I TMve had in a long time.

Trevino said she was surprised at how seriously the city took her request.

It takes special people in the community to listen to what are needs are, Trevino said.