Traffic woes, parent fears students safety

For many students the school year is right around the corner.

As we uncovered there is one particular campus some parents are concerned about.It has nothing to do with the school or the district, but the traffic in and around the campus.

Felix Carrizales tells Action 4 News, "As a parent and as a citizen I'm concerned for the safety of drivers, students and children."

Carrizales says his concerns center around the traffic that will soon generate when the new Pharr campus opens.

The facility located on Rancho Blanco in Pharr will house Southwest High School, Jaime Escalante Middle School, and T-Stem Early College High School, the facility opens on Monday.

Carrizales says, "My concern is that there's going to be an accident waiting to happen."

One of Carrizales' concerns, the lack of school zone signs. Carrizales says, "Normally if you have a school you have to have a school zone flashing sign hopefully to slow down the drivers, and I don't see an here on Rancho Blanco or the main drive South Cage road."

The drivers we ran into were mainly construction workers putting the final touches on the campus.

Delores Beraza says, "This is dusty and potholes all over the place..gotta slow down".

Other driver's like Sergio Gutierrez says he anticipates traffic is going to be a nightmare.

Gutierrez says the reason why is once you turn out of the new campus and want take a left to get onto Cage street driver's will be met with only a blinking light.

Gutierrez says, "They should of planned this a long time ago to put a traffic light here a long time ago and I don't see how they didn't think about that.", If you come here at 5 pm, 8' o clock in the morning that light backs up at least 15 to 20 cars just like that and everybody is rushing to take a chance."

It is that rush and traffic congestion Felix Carrizales is worried about.

Carrizales tells Action 4 News, My biggest fear is that somebody is going to get hurt as they exit school property or as they try to make it home on south Cage road."

Action 4 News contacted the City of Pharr and the Police Department, we are told the issue is being addressed.

Meanwhile a PSJA district spokesperson tells us all students attending the new facility on Rancho Blanco are eligible to ride the bus.

The district is encouraging parents to send their child to school on the bus to help decrease traffic congestion.

The school is preparing for the traffic woes by coming up with a plan.

Click here for a copy of the PSJA Southwest High School Traffic Plan and Map.