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      Tragedy strikes a Palmview family for the second time

      It was all gone in the blink of an eye.

      Efrain Alanis told Action 4 News he is not sure how the fire started, but said everything is gone.

      "It was a disaster. It was a terrible thing, Alanis said as he wiped a tear from his eye.

      Now this family of four will have to start the grueling task of cleaning up and tearing down what was once their home.

      While the material items they lost in the fire can be replaced, Alanis said there are some things that cannot.

      Four years ago Alanis TM wife lost her battle with cancer. All of her belongs, pictures, and letters to the children were destroyed in the fire and they can never be replaced.

      "All her pictures and all of that...all kinds of memories," Alanis cried.

      Despite this latest tragedy, Alanis said they will move on and one day they will build a new home and make new memories.

      The La Joya Independent School District has set up an account for the Alanis family at the La Joya Federal Credit Union.