Tragic Accident Takes the Life of a Winter Texan

Action 4 News broke the story Thursday evening of the Wisconsin man who lost his life in a fatal accident over in Mission.

Egon and his now widow Karen Kovars were staying at the Oleander Acres RV Park on South Conway over in Mission.

For the past five years the Wisconsin couple has been traveling the world. The RV the couple had so many memories in was surrounded by police tape Thursday evening.

Kovars says her husband was working underneath the RV something his does all the time.

"He was putting new airbags on the RV and he was a mechanic he knew how to fix things," she said.

A short while later tragedy unfolded.

The couples RV neighbor Patrick G tells Action 4 news, "Apparently the coach fell underneath him I think he was working underneath it doing something and it fell on him."

Karen Karvers says she'll remember her husband as an avid bird watcher who loved photography and his cat.

"My husband was a good Christian, he wasn't afraid to die You know when it's your time to go it's your time to do, evidently it was his time," she said.