Trial begins for man accused of killing former marine

Juan Carlos Garcia

It TMs been nearly a year and a half since a jogger was hit by a car and killed on Highway 100.

Jury selection is now under way after the man behind the wheel of the car was accused of negligent criminal homicide.

A twelve person jury, made up of twelve women has been selected.

Eddie Polanco's widow said she is hoping Juan Carlos Garcia gets the maximum of 15 years behind bars. The tragedy struck on Highway 100 back in March of last year, when Polanco was run over as he was training for a marathon. A convertible mustang plowed into him, killed him and then sped off. Garcia is charged with negligent criminal homicide and fleeing from the scene. His widow is calling for the state to take action.

Lab results show Garcia was not intoxicated when he ran over Polanco.

The wife he leaves behind is working with DPS to make changes along Highway 100.

If convicted Garcia faces up to 15 years behind bars.

The trial is expected to last until Thursday.