Trial continues today for Gulf Cartel leader in Brownsville

A federal jury in South Texas is to hear the sixth day of testimony in the drug conspiracy trial of a reputed former local official of Mexico's Gulf cartel.

Testimony continues in Brownsville in the trial of Juan Roberto Rincon-Rincon, whom witnesses say was a bodyguard and plaza boss in the Gulf cartel.

U.S. Border Patrol agents have testified about seizures totaling more than a ton of marijuana in Texas near the border in September and October 2011.

That was when, according to trial testimony, Rincon-Rincon was allegedly plaza boss for the cartel's Rio Bravo territory.

Rincon-Rincon's attorney insists the defendant wasn't present when the drugs were seized in Texas.

However, prosecutors argued the drugs wouldn't have passed through his territory without his approval and some form of payment.