Trial delay for former Hidalgo County employee

A delay in the trial of a former Hidalgo County employee charged with theft.

Prosecutors asked for a little more time to prepare for the case.

For Javier Carreon life is not necessarily about being knocked down, it's about getting up.

"Basically relying on my wife's income, we're basically living off credit cards right now." Carreon said.

The former Hidalgo County Buildings and Grounds supervisor tell Action 4 News he was ready to face an Hidalgo County jury Tuesday.

Court documents alleged he bought hundreds of dollars worth of electrical supplies with tax payer dollars to make home improvements.

"Unfortunately when this case was predicated on lies, on envy, and politics, and really what it should've been is the truth, justice and liberty" Carreon's defense attorney Orlando Jimenez emphasized.

Those court documents also state the electrical supplies were used to wire a utility room at Carreon's home, but his defense team says that will be hard to prove.

"I don't know what the State is going to do, they have a couple of witnesses that their allegations are that these individuals have went and have gone and did the work at Mr. Carreon's residence."

Carreon claims he's innocent, his attorney says they're ready for trial, but prosecutors have requested additional time.

"But certainly not bring the good man down, and bring his reputation, bring his name, and bring his family down, for what? For this? For politics?" Jimenez told Action 4 News as he described they're waiting for a trial now reset for October 26th.

Carreon now has one thing in mind: "Move on with my life, with my family, my children, obviously put this behind, it's not fair."

Carreon's theft charge is in connection with only about $15,000.

In separate investigations the former Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Teresa Navarro is accused of misusing about $50,000, and County Commissioner Sylvia Handy about $100,000.