Trial to begin for man accused of murder behind the wheel

Bus driver killed

Justice for a motorcyclist killed in front of an elementary school will have to wait.

The accused drunk driver is charged with murder, but his trial has yet to get underway. Felipe Sanchez, is now charged with murder because according to court documents, he killed 38-year-old Jose Luis Espinoza while committing another felony.

According to court records, Sanchez is charged with the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after driving a mustang without the owner TMs consent. In the process of committing that crime, court records state Sanchez drove while intoxicated, did not maintain a proper outlook on the road, and crossed over the center line in the road, striking Espinoza on his motorcycle.

Espinoza was killed instantly. Espinoza's family was in the courtroom today for a scheduled hearing, and they are confident justice will be served for their loved one.

"The DA is doing a great job and if they have sufficient evidence - remember it does have to go through indictment, has to go through a jury and if it went to that point, it's because they have a strong case, Espinoza TMs sister said.

Espinoza was a bus driver for the San Benito school district. He was on his way to work, when he was killed right in front of Leal Elementary on FM 732.

Sanchez is still also facing the original charge of intoxication manslaughter.

The family did not want to comment further, but they said the ongoing battle for justice doesn't make things easier rather it re-opens their wounds.

Sanchez is scheduled to be back in court at the end of October.