Triumph turns to tragedy for Boston Marathon runner

Rita Jeptoo was the first woman to cross the finish line in the Boston Marathon.

Rita Jeptoo is one of the runners that crossed the finish line at Boston Marathon.

Her sister, Lilian Lagat, said for many in Kenya running is not only their passion, it TMs their livelihood and a way to help others.

The Boston Marathon, seemed to be no different.

"She TMs in the line right now, she TMs joking, she TMs drinking water and I told them to tell her good luck. I TMm watching over you," UTPA Senior Lilian Lagat said.

Lilian said she started the day with a smile on her face.

Full of enthusiasm, she cheered as her sister crossed the finish line.

Placing 1st, suddenly the unexpected happened.

"My friends texted me [is your sister okay?] I was like, why? I immediately called her and she was like there was an explosion," Lagat said.

Lilian said she was horrified and broke down.

She couldn't believe she was just celebrating.

Phone calls from concerned family in Kenya and friends began to pour in.

"If I was there, I could be there at the finish line waiting to hug her and something like that could have happened I could of been among those people who had very bad injuries," Lagat said.

Lagat said running runs in her family.

She said her mother was proud to see her daughter Rita achieve her dream.

She adds, nor she or her sister will stop running.

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