Trooper shows Streets of Speed episode during bus driver training

As day breaks at the bus barn, drivers at PSJA ISD get a lesson from law enforcement.

"We are professional drivers... we have no business speeding through school zones," DPS Spokesperson Johnny Hernandez said.

Jose Salas, who's been a district bus driver for over a decade, knows what can happen to students if he speeds.

"We have to remember that we carry precious cargo which are kids."

Trooper Hernandez drives his safety message home by playing a September episode of Streets of Speed which aired on Action 4 News.

It highlighted a Harlingen CISD bus driver who was zapped for speeding 32 miles per hour in a 20 miles per hour school zone.

Hernandez says the Speedzapper is powerful training tool for bus drivers.

Bus driver safety has long been the focus of Streets of Speed reports.

In 2009, a Raymondville ISD bus driver was zapped along with a La Feria bus driver in 2007 who was on his way to get his bus.

"Why are you going so fast," the Speedzapper asked him?

"I got to get the bus route, he said.

"You're a bus driver, the Speedzapper questioned?

"Yes, sir," he laughingly said

While PSJA ISD's Transportation Director, Mike Cano, calls his drivers some of the safest in the valley, he recognizes how the Speedzapper's work as an additional checks and balance for his staff.

"It has a lot of effect on them... On their speeds... The way they drive... And their speed," he said.

Jose, who hasn't received any disciplinary action against him for his driving in 13 years, admits his concern isn't a ticket, rather TV time on Streets of Speed.

"We don't want to get zapped by the Zapper... Nope!"

Streets of Speed airs Monday night's on Action 4 News at ten.

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