Troops to begin operations by end of September

The 286 National Guard troops being sent to the border under Obama TMs national security plan have begun making their way to the Valley.

"They TMre doing all the logistics as far as talking to the land owners the ranch owners, Border Patrol Acting Chief Rick Aguirre said. They TMre going to be getting all logistics as far as the housing and eating."

He added that more national guardsmen and women are being trained to be sent to our border by the end of the month.

However, they will not be allowed to carry out any law enforcement duties.

Instead, they will be assigned to administrative tasks or checking ID TMs for people crossing the border at the ports of entry.

"That will allow me to put an agent, a green shirt, back out on the field," he said.

The troops have yet to be assigned to specific locations.

Border patrol is currently working on identifying the areas where they can be most useful.

But Aguirre is just happy to have some assistance. "Here in the Valley, we can use the most help that we can get. I could, he said. You see what's going on in Mexico and we're the front line. Were the front line of defense."

The National Guard troops should wrap up their training in the next few weeks. After that, they will begin trickling in to their posts.

Once their yearlong deployment is over, Border Patrol is hoping to replace them with more agents.

They have 1000 positions open.

They will be hosting an Open House on September 18 at their Edinburg Headquarters.

For more information on how to apply visit their website.