Tropic Watch: Area of Low Pressure Develops in Gulf of Mexico

An area of low pressure producing a broad, disorganized area of thunderstorms has developed off the coast of Florida.

The low has been given a small, or 10%, chance of development into a tropical system within the next 2-5 days.

According to the latest runs of various computer models, this low is expected to move west or parallel to the Southern Gulf Coast states through the next couple of days.

It is expected to remain fairly disorganized, but could funnel a substantial amount of moisture over the Texas coast as we head through Saturday.

That will keep the chances for rain very good across the area.

So far this tropical season, we have seen this general pattern in our area, which has brought beneficial rains in.

We TMll continue to watch this disturbance.

2013 Atlantic Tropical Season stats:

5 named storms All tropical storms and short lived We are currently half way through the season