Tuberculosis scare at Rio Hondo High School

Just as the school year comes to an end, a suspected case of tuberculosis pops up.

Locked doors at Rio Hondo High School are an indication that school is out for summer.

But just hours before students were released for the school year, came word that one high school student may have tested positive for tuberculosis.

Dr. Brian Smith does not give many details about the student in question and neither would the Superintendent of the Rio Hondo Independent School District.

Both told Action 4 News there was suspicion one student was displaying symptoms of tuberculosis.

According to health officials, those symptoms could include fever, cough, sharp chest pains when breathing or spitting up blood.

As for the spread of the disease to other students, Dr. Smith says the health department has taken precautionary measures to get them tested.

"It takes many hours of exposure inside an enclosed space in order to transmit tuberculosis, said Dr. Smith. Normal protocol involves testing family members first who have been in the same household for a very long time."

Health authorities did contact the school district about the potential case and will provide them with notes for parents of students who may have been in extremely close contact with the student for a long period of time.

They would be instructed to get tested, but Dr. Smith says there was no reason to test every student who attended Rio Hondo High School.