TV show host kidnapped, killed in Monterrey

Jose Luis Cerda (aka La Gata)

The TV host for an entertainment show at Televisa Monterrey was found dead this morning after he was kidnapped Thursday night.

The El Universal newspaper reports 33-year-old Jose Luis Cerda La Gata was found dead with his hands tied and several gunshot wounds at the Monterrey suburb of Guadalupe.

Last night, the local Televisa newscast reported that Cerda was kidnapped by several armed men just blocks away from the television studios.

They say he had just finished filming the popular magazine show called El Club, which he co-hosted. This is the latest attack on members of the media in northern Mexico.

The Televisa Monterrey studios were previously attacked with grenades, as were the Televisa studios in Ciudad Victoria and Matamoros.

Back in November, Carlos Alberto Guajardo-Romero, a reporter with the El Expreso newspaper, was killed in the big shootout in Matamoros that killed the Gulf Cartel leader Tony Tormenta.

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