Twitter "confession" page ruining middle schooler's reputation

They are popping up all over Twitter.

So called "confession" sites for colleges, high schools and even middle schools.

A 14-year-old we will call "Angel" found herself being targeted on one named after the middle school she attends in Harlingen.

"Angel" says her name wasn't posted, but her initials were included after each tweet about her.And those tweets cut to the core.

"They talked about some girls being more developed than others and that's the only reason guys talk to them."

The girl says tweets went out about her appearance and pinpointed her insecurities, making her even more self-conscious, something most girls her age are already struggling with.

"Big breasts, they called me an attention whore. That hurts."

And then came the tweets on the confession page that "Angel" says were down right false smearing her reputation.

"They tweeted that we had parties with a bunch of druggies and had guys over to the house to do certain things, called me slutty and now people look at me like that's who I am."

Although she's protecting her identity, she has come out against the people she believes are behind the hurtful tweets but says the Harlingen school district isn't doing enough to punish the girls.

Angel says this is cyberbullying and should be treated as such by administrators and the law.

Angel wants her story to be known in hopes the confession pages will be shut down on twitter and that adults can take action to help teens in her situation before it's too late.

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