Two arrested, stolen car recovered from Mission home invasion

A mission couple got quite a scare Wednesday morning after two men, burst into their home and pointed a shotgun at them.

The two suspects, accused of forcing their way into the home on East 1st Street were taken into custody after unsuccessfully trying to run and hide from Mission police officers.

The two men, in their early 20's, knocked on the front door of the Mission home just before 9 a.m.

The homeowner opened the door, spotted a shotgun and tried to close the door to keep the men out.

Police said during that time, the men tried to push their way in, struggled with the homeowner and that TMs when the shotgun broke in half, spilling shotgun shells all over the ground.

The suspects then took off in a black Chevy Impala.

Just a short while after the report, Mission police located the car at an apartment complex at the corner of Tom Landry Street and Highland Road.

"Inside the vehicle, officers found the same type of shells that were left at the crime scene, said Mission Police Chief Martin Garza. And they were also wearing the same type of clothing.

The city TMs police are working on getting a search warrant for the home of one of the suspects.

The motive is still not known but police said there is a possibility that the suspects targeted the wrong house.

Mission police said, while it's too soon to tell, they're not ruling out that this home invasion could have something to do with a murder they are currently investigating.