Two gang members at large after Alamo shooting

Bullet holes pierced the back, side and interior of a white Dodge pickup.

Mere centimeters from the driver's head, a spear marks another the entry point where a bullet grazed passed the driver.

They are all signs of the violence that erupted on Bethany street in Alamo late Wednesday afternoon.

One of things that we do fear is that it's not going to stop here." said Hidalgo County Sherriff Lupe Trevio

He said what started as a fist fight between the two gang, the Po Boys and the South Side Bandits, quickly turned into a shoot out.

And while, historical, Trevio said the two have always had problems.

"It never escalated to a shoot out where you have four people in the hospital, said Trevio. We're very fortunate that we didn't get two murders out of could've ended up that way."

While everyone in this incident survived, the sherriff said his deputies now have the problem of a possible retaliation.

"We have a lot of attention that will go into that area to avoid any future retaliation on any of the other gang members.

While stepping up patrol in South Tower Estate, Sheriff Trevio said they're also hoping to get a handle on these two gang by keeping them from growing in numbers and taking over the area.

The sherriff said there were two shooters in this case.

One, a Po Boy, is still in the hospital and the other two, South Side Bandit gang members, are on the run.