Two illegal immigrants found in trunk of known smuggler's car

Border Patrol agents found two illegal immigrants inside the trunk of a car on Monday afternoon.

The illegal immigrants, 28-year-old Alfredo Mondono-Fonseca and a 16-year-old Mexican citizen were attempting to cross the Falfurrias Checkpoint with two women and a child.

Crystal Azua, her daughter and Erica Hernandez were inside the general area of the vehicle when they came to a stop at the checkpoint.

A Border Patrol agent, checking the identities of the three visible passengers, recognized Azua for two previous immigrant smuggling convictions.

Because he recognized her, the agent sent their car to the secondary inspection.

That TMs when agents discovered the 28-year-old and the 16-year-old in the trunk.

Once inside for questioning, Azua admitted she had been arrested before for human smuggling.

She said her ex-boyfriend claimed he would take away their child if she did not smuggle for him.

Azua said she drove down from Houston with her daughter and Hernandez to pick up the two people at the Budget Inn in McAllen.

Hernandez claimed she was told Azua and her were traveling to South Padre Island to party.

The illegal immigrants told investigators they paid $4,000 in Reynosa to be smuggled to Houston.

Once they were in Houston, the two were supposed to pay another $6,000 to unknown individuals.