Two jailed amid alleged TCB plot to kill Edinburg officer

Federal authorities arrested two men following an investigation into an alleged Texas Chicano Brotherhood threat to kill an Edinburg police investigator.

U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) agents arrested Victor Manuel Solis and Eloy Leon under federal firearms charges last week.

Court records released in the case show both men were arrested as part of an investigation into the alleged Texas Chicano Brotherhood plot.

Full details about the plot were not released but the court records that both Solis and Leon claim to be ex-members of the gang, which goes by the initials TCB.

Authorities investigating the threat allegedly spotted Leon with a gun in San Juan last Wednesday.

Leon and a 14-year-old boy lef the scene in the car but investigators used the license plates to track them to a home off Sepal Street in Edinburg.

Authorities found Solis taking a shower while Leon was hiding in the closet in the same restroom.

Investigators allowed Solis to get dressed but allegedly found a gun in a clothes hamper.

Both Solis and Leon allegedly told investigators that they had been targeted by the rival TCB "Bombitas" gang in the days following their arrest.

Leon said gang rivals shot at his home.

Court records show that Leon cannot possess firearms because he is an illegal immgirant from Reynosa, who had previously been deported following arrests for graffiti and unlawful carrying a weapon in Pharr.

Solis was listed as American citizen but cannot possess firearms because he is a convicted felon.

court records show that Solis had previous arrests for assault of of public servant, aggravated robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and posession of a controlled substance.

Both Solis and Leon appeared before U.S. Magistate Court Judge Dorina Ramos in McAllen on Thursday.

They're both expected back in court for bond hearing on Tuesday morning.