Two Southmost women charged with sexually assaulting woman who ~stole boyfriend TM

A scuffle at a Brownsville club quickly escalated, landing two women in jail for aggravated sexual assault.Cameron County investigators said Maria and Crystal Martinez confronted the victim at a club."They recognized this young girl claiming that she had stolen the boyfriend from one of the girls," Sheriff Omar Lucio said.Later that night, the victim ran into a group of women at a party at a Southmost apartment complex.Sheriff Lucio said that confrontation got physical."They knocked her down to the floor, they tore off her clothing and they sexually assaulted her with their fingers," he explained.The victim's boyfriend tried to intervene, but was hit himself, knocking him to the ground.Court records showed the women freed the victim after someone shot a gun in the air.Police were able to track down two of the women, but a third is now the run.Cameron County deputies charged Crystal and Alicia Martinez with aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault.They issued them a $45000 bond.Meanwhile, deputies are also looking for Tina Marie Trevio.Anyone with information can call the Cameron County Crime Stoppers at (956) 350-5551.