Two Valluco gang members arrested for attempted carjacking

Michael Villarreal and Fernando Rosales are accused of trying to take a woman TMs car as she stopped at the intersection of Ridge and Nebraska late Monday night.

Despite the charge of attempted robbery, in court, the men questioned why they were in custody.

"The reason I'm here is because of a fight that occurred down the street from my home, said Villarreal. I'm the victim and don't know why I'm here."

But San Juan Police have a different story.

They said both Villarreal and Rosales had a plan that involved stealing the victim TMs car.

"She was waved down by a male subject that got in front of her vehicle, said Sgt. Rudy Luna. In the process another person tried opening the passenger door to her vehicle."

Police said they have had numerous incidents, over the past few months, where gang members work with cartel members stealing vehicles and bringing them over to Mexico.

"That's what we're seeing, said Luna. These local gangs that are at the bottom of the barrel are being hired by these higher organizations."

Luna said they do have a gang problem but it is a problem the police department will control.