TxDOT urges caution on Valley's icy roads

Amy Rodriguez / TxDOT

Whether traffic signals are working or not, authorities are asking Rio Grande Valley motorists need to drive carefully.

A strong cold front has descended on the area causing power failures.

Texas Department of Transporation (TxDOT) officals said they've received about 20 calls by Wednesday afternoon about traffic lights being out in the Hidalgo and Cameron Counties.

Amy Rodriguez with TXDOT said whether the lights are out or not, drivers need to take extra precaution driving during this weather.

If drivers come up against a traffic light that is out, Rodriguez said they need to treat it like a four-way stop unless police are present and direct otherwise.

She said because of rolling blackouts, there's a possibility that traffic lights can go out throughout the Valley, and it's best to always drive defensively.

"If you see that the lights don't seem to be working proceed carefully and don't take it for granted that the next car is going to stop and proceed with caution," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said if you see a traffic light out you can contact TxDOT at (800) 452-9292.or your local police department to report it.