Uncle charged with baby's death

A half-empty swimming pool, big wheels and playhouse lay outside the Cameron County mobile home where a 4-month-old was found unresponsive Monday night.

Action 4 News obtained the 9-1-1 call made from that home.

Dispatcher: Sheriff Dept| this is Bianca.

Caller: I have an emergency... My nephew of 4 months... He's not breathing.

Baby Adien Valdez was rushed to Valley Baptist medical Center in Harlingen where he was pronounced dead.

Cameron County sheriff investigators arrested his uncle, Abraham Proenza, after doctors raised serious red flags.

"He advised the child had bruises on the head, back and throughout the body," said the sheriff.

The baby was severely underweight as well.

Doctors say he appeared to be "badly nourished" at just four to five pounds.

It TMs less than the weight of a typical newborn.

Proenza allegedly told authorities he failed to provide medical attention even after knowing the baby was not feeding well or gaining any weight.

Proenza said he didn't seek help because his sister in law had yet to give him papers on the baby he was going to adopt.

On the portion of the 9-1-1 call obtained by Action 4 News the caller identifies himself as Abraham Proenza.

Dispatcher: Sir?

Caller: What can I do he's not breathing| he's turning blue."

The sheriff says long hours at school also led to the neglect.

Proenza's neighbor says it's no excuse.

"That's terrible, parents are supposed to be aware of what's going on with their kids," said Jenny Leon.

A message clearly coming too late for a person who just barely entered this world.