Undercover sting yields arrests & 1,600 ecstasy pills in Brownsville

An undercover investigation has ended with two Brownsville men behinds bars and more than 1,600 ecstasy pills off the streets.

An undercover investigation has ended with three Brownsville men behinds bars and more than 1,600 ecstasy pills off the streets.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers arrested 31-year-old Ian Javier Marquez and 28-year-old Guillermo Omar Soley-Marquez on Wednesday.

The two men are accused of being part of drug smuggling ring that specialized in distributing the dance floor drug ecstasy.

State troopers arrested 22-year-old Miguel Ignacio Cruz, Jr. for his role in the scheme on Friday morning.

Undercover Sting

Court records released to Action 4 News show that DPS launched an investigation into their alleged activities back in July.

An undercover Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent allegedly paid $800 dollars for 100 ecstasy pills from Soley-Marquez in an undercover buy outside Sunrise Mall.

The agent allegedly recorded video buying 500 ecstasy pills for $3,500 dollars from 22-year-old Miguel Ignacio Cruz, Jr. on a second undercover buy in the Staples parking lot.

A state trooper pulled over Marquez in his Cadillac SUV on Wednesday where a K-9 officer allegedly found 1,000 ecstasy pills in his vehicle.

It's not clear where the men got the ecstasy from but the case remains under investigation.

State troopers charged both Marquez and Soley-Marquez with engaging in organized criminal activity and drug charges.

Criminal History

Both men appeared before Cameron County Magistrate Court Judge Patricia Edelstein on Thursday where Marquez was issued $85,000 dollars in bonds and Soley-Marquez got $150,000 dollars in bonds.

Court records show that Marquez, Soley-Marquez and Cruz all have criminal histories.

Marquez has prior arrests for assault and reckless driving while Soley-Marquez has previous arrests for burglary and evading arrest.

Cruz has previous arrests for aggravated assault and assault.

Court records show that undercover agents followed them men to Marquez's home off Norfolk Avenue in north central Brownsville.

Records show that Maquez's Cadillac SUV was registered in a relative's name but that he owns a motorcycle, a boat and a convertible in his name.