Undocumented immigrants damage property in small border town

A Granjeno resident says a fence isn't enough to stop undocumented immigrants

If you visit Granjeno, don't blink because you may miss this small border town.

But the town of 300 residents has some big problems.

"These past two years have been the worst years of my life," Granjeno resident Daniel Garza said.

Garza has lived in Granjeno for the past 80 years but lately something's been keeping him up at night.

"These puppies, they are not mean," he said.

Garza has several dogs that bark at all hours of the night.

"They let us know when someone is in the house or near the house," Garza said.

Garza lives on the other side of a levee that doubles as a border fence; an area that is sees a large group of undocumented immigrants daily.

Garza's fortified fence isn't enough to keep them out.

"They jump the fence and broke it," he said.

It happened about two months ago and it's not the first time.

Undocumented immigrants regularly invade the property of Granjeno residents and repairs have become a financial burden.

"That piece there, it cost me about a thousand dollars to fix," he said.

Garza is also annoyed by the constant noise of Border Patrol units and the dust they kick up is costly and hazardous to his health.

"I have to change the filters every two weeks because I have asthma," he said.

Garza tells Action 4 the border isn't secure and he knows this by what he sees and hears every night.

Because of this this small border community needs a lot of things.

"More help, more protection, more people to watch this problem," he said.

But until that happens he's keeping his dogs close and enjoying the simple things in life.