Uninsured driver causes wreck is allowed to drive off

A Harlingen man wants to know why an uninsured driver was able to take her car with her after crashing into his wife's car. Robert Castillo wants to know why Harlingen police didn't tow her car. "I want to understand are you out there to take care of us or not because that was your job and you didn't do it and that failed me as a citizen," Castillo said. Castillo says he is a man loyal to the law and is disappointed when people are given an exemption. He claims he encountered a few weeks ago an exemption when his wife was in a car accident while taking her nephew to school. "My wife was very shaken up, distraught, crying," Castillo said. "She didn't really know what was going on." His wife's car was hit from behind on Commerce Street. The crash pushed her car so hard it collided with the car in front of hers. Castillo says the damages are costing Castillo over $1,000. He says police allowed everyone to leave the scene. "So I went and picked up the police report and that's when i discovered that the lady that hit my wife from behind was uninsured and was driving an unregistered vehicle," Castillo said. The female driver was cited with failure to control speed, no insurance and expired registration. Castillo wants to know why Harlingen police let her drive away. "Had I know that this lady was uninsured and was driving an unregister vehicle, I would have requested that her vehicle be impounded because that is a city ordinance and should have been enforced," Castillo said. "I don't see a reason why it wasn't at that point." Castillo says he called the police department numerous times and got no response. Right now he plans on filing a lawsuit against the uninsured driver. Action 4 went to Harlingen police for answers. Harlingen police say that Castillo is correct regarding the city ordinance. However in this case they decided to let the driver leave in her vehicle because she had the three kids with her and no one to pick them up. Also, the car was drivable. No one was injured and the cars suffered minor damages.