Union and Mission fire chief put out burning controversy

A firefighters union and the Mission fire chief announced Wednesday they have resolved their differences.

Last July, the union, which represents the majority of the department's career firefighters, clashed with the chief over the volunteer firefighter program.

Because the volunteers were not certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, they were stripped of their call stipends and not allowed to respond to fires.

"It was a pretty intensive argument that we had, but we were able to resolve the problem by communicating and talking amongst each other," explained Mike Silva, Fire Union President.

"I just want to let the citizens of Mission know that since September, myself, the fire administration and the local association of firefighters have been working diligently to make the Mission fire department a trendsetting organization," said Mission Fire Chief Rick Saldaa.

The department has been training some of its ousted volunteers in a fire academy in hopes of recruiting them as career firefighters.