University crash claims life of student, driver arrested

Scene of fatal crash in Kingsville

An accident on the grounds of Texas A&M University-Kingsville has claimed the life of a student this weekend, while she was away from the Rio Grande Valley.

The Texas A&M University-Kingsville police confirm 20-year-old Jaqueline Olivares from Roma died in the fatal on campus crash at the university.

Police said Juan Selvera lost control of the white Dodge pickup he was driving during the early morning hours on Saturday, January18th.

He overcorrected his truck, which caused it to flip on its side. The truck then slid for several hundred feet before striking a concrete drain.

Olivares was ejected through the front windshield before landing on concrete near the drain, Kingsville police said in a press release.

She was pronounced dead as a result of the injuries she sustained during the deadly crash.

According to a press release by the Kingsville Police Department, Selvera fled the scene after being removed from the truck he was driving.

Police found him at his home in Kingsville where he was detained and transported to a local hospital for treatment, according to the Kingsville Police Department's press release.

Selvera was booked at the Kleberg County Jail on a charge of accident involving death.

His bond was set at $15,000 for the charge, and he was released after posting bail around 6:16 p.m. on the same Saturday as the fatal crash.

Police allegedly smelled alcohol on 21-year-old Selvera, and he provided a blood sample to be tested at the hospital.

The police department at the University said they have handed over the investigation to the Kingsville Police Department.

Selvera's blood alcohol concentration has not yet been released.