Unmanned drones set to launch Wednesday

It is called Predator B and is able to fly for long periods of time with no one board.It will also fly at an altitude that makes it impossible to attack. The unmanned aircraft is a welcome security resource to the Rio Grande Valley. "Any assets Border Patrol receives is always welcomed and appreciated," said Agent Rosie Huey. But for others, it is money not well spent. Maria Arellano said there is no 'real' solution to the problem, "it will calm down for a while, but it'll always pick back up." Juanita Valdez-Cox, with LUPE, said there is a solution and unmanned aircrafts are not it. "We want to catch those criminals and we're in favor of getting rid of human smugglers," Cox said. "But the way of going about this and dealing with the whole issue, is comprehensive immigration reform." Whether you are for or against the arrival of these unmanned planes, the Rio Grande Valley can expect to see them overhead starting Wednesday.