Unsweet bakery conditions with rodents, roaches and filth-encrusted pans

Pan dulce in a bakery is normal.

Rodent poop in a bakery is not.

That's what El Buen Gusto on 2802 East 14th Street in Brownsville had as the dirtiest this week on Food 4 Thought with 34 demerits.

Horrible kitchen conditions are exposed in photos snapped by an inspector last week.

They show roaches, mice traps, spider webs, baking pans encrusted with filth and mold in the freezer just to name a few.

The Food Patrol shows some of the shocking photos to Berta Vega who's an employee at El Buen Gusto.

She says the mess has been cleaned up.

"We're going to call the city back to be re-inspected," she added.

Berta gives the Food Patrol a tour of the kitchen to prove there are no more rodent traps or roaches.

A re-inspection shows 3 demerits but repairs to the business remain, according to a city report.

Carnitas Merchant on 4683 Southmost Road in Brownsville is another kitchen in the Southmost area that failed to keep it clean with 28 demerits.

Gisela Benavides is the manager.

She shows the Food Patrol how things are slowly turning around in the kitchen since last week's checkup.

City photos from their initial report exposed flies, no labeling to know when foods are prepared, no hairnets on employees and inadequate hand-washing with blocked sinks.

Gisela says change is on the way.

"We're making the changes on our end," she said. "The person that we're renting from is going to fix the problems inside in the next 30 days."

Kitchens keeping it clean with zero demerits, get a top performer sticker.

Little Caesar's gets one on 508 North Main Street in La Feria.

The pizza shop has only been open for 7 days.

But manager Ruben Jimenez doesn't want people to think they didn't earn their sticker.

"It is earned!" he said. "You can go to any of the locations and we're all the same, 100 percent."

"So it's the procedures in place?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "Yes!"

Church's Chicken is a newcomer in the City of Los Fresnos.

But the staff is off to a clucking great start with a top performer sticker from the Food Patrol.

"This is great," Juan Zapata, the manager said. "We love the community. It's a great community. They're responding pretty good. And something like this with a sticker will help a lot."

But one employee wants more than just a sticker.

"Where do you want me to sign it?" Ryan asked. "Right there on the blue."

It's an autograph request on Dave Anderson's work hat.

But it's not for him rather his wife, as he explained to the Ryan.

"She watches Food 4 Thought...She probably won't believe me that I met you," he said.

It's never a dull moment for the Food Patrol.

"Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleCarnitas Merchant 4683 Southmost Rd (28) *Flies, No Hairnets*El Buen Gusto 2802 E 14th St (34, 3) *Roaches, Rodents*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

La FeriaLittle Caesar's 508 N Main St

Los FresnosChurch's 731 W Ocean Blvd

PharrLittle Caesar's 6201 S Cage

DonnaSubway 512 Salinas Blvd

BrownsvilleChuck E Cheese 2800 Exp 77Dairy Queen 2044 E Price RdJersey's Pizza 1160 E Alton GloorLas Casuelita's 952 E AdamsPizza Hut 245 Security DrSuper Cream 1014 FM 802

McAllenJack in the Box 2900 NolanaApplebee's 514 E Exp 83Chick Fil A 7340 N 10thEl Pato 1609 S 23rd