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      Up to $1 million in bonds for San Benito murder suspects

      Crime Scene File Photo

      Six people accused in the murder of a San Benito teenager faced a judge where they given bonds ranging up to $1 million dollars.

      San Benito police arrested the following six people for the early Monday morning murder of 19-year-old Angel Perez:

      Esteban Rodriguez, 22 Miguel Angel Perez, 18 Anthony Martinez, 18 Jose Lazaro Ramos, 21 JJ Leal, 18 Ruby Nadine Sanchez, 23

      A motive is not clear but all six suspect faced a San Benito municipal court judge late Wednesday morning.

      Charges ranged from aggravated assault with a deadly weapon to murder.

      Five of the suspects got $500,000 dollar bonds except for Anthony Martinez, who was issued $1 million dollars in bonds.

      The six are expected to be taken to the Cameron County Jail where they will await trial.