Update on 'Miracle' the kitten saved

"Miracle", the kitten found half buried alive has touched the hearts of quite a viewer viewers.

An Edinburg family saw Miracle's heart wrenching story on Action 4 News on Monday and decided to donate $80.00 dollars towards the animals care.

Alma Gaspar called us after finding the stray near her apartment.

Earlier this week Miracle was released from the Altas Palmas Animal Clinic.

The Clinic covered Miracle's surgery costs to remove a dead eye.

Tonight the family tells us why they were so touched.

Clarissa Cruz tells us, "He's a big cat lover he had a cat for eleven years, he told me about the story when I got home and he told me he wanted to donate some money he said to read the story so I read the story, I was very touched by the story, she's very courageous to help this kitty."

Almar Gaspar tells Action 4, "I'm surprised, I know I''m not the only animal lover in this world, I appreciate them I know that makes me think wow they love animals."

Were happy to report that Miracle is doing just fine tonight, she's recovering and she has an appetite.

She has a follow up with the vet coming up soon.