U.S. citizens among carjacking victims in Matamoros

Driving into Matamoros is now even more dangerous.

Authorities believe two armed carjackers are preying on Americans.

An emergency message from the U.S. Consulate General in Matamoros about the threat did not surprise Arnoldo Gonzalez.

He told Action 4 News in Spanish the carjacking crime has existed in Matamoros since he can remember.

Authorities said right now the carjackers appear to be targeting vehicles with U.S. license plates.

The cars or trucks are either stopped in traffic or parked.

Authorities said in the last two weeks, five U.S. citizens or permanent residents fell victim to the carjackings.

Many of them reportedly happened in the neighborhood surrounding the U.S. Consulate General building.

Gonzalez said he must cross into Matamoros.

That TMs where his children are.

The U.S. Consulate General said Americans confronted by armed men in Mexico should comply with their demands.

Authorities described the carjacking suspects as in their early 20s, weighing about 150 pounds.

The suspects have reportedly been seen driving a green Chevy Cavalier, a green Chevy Tahoe and a black Ford Escort.

Tamaulipas state officials promised to catch these criminals.

They said they are setting up a special operation that includes extra patrols by state and local police.

It will also include military troops.