Customs and Border Protection: Don't forget to carry travel documents during Easter trips

U.S. Customs and Border Protection provides tips for travelers going to Mexico for the Easter weekend.

People traveling to Mexico from the U.S. during the Easter weekend must remember to pack legal documents that proves their citizenship for the trip back, US Customs and Border Protection says.

"Passports, visas, legal permanent cards," said U.S Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Maribel Saenz.

All of these legal documents are important to have when returning to the U.S. through any of the international bridges in the Rio Grande Valley.

Bridge wait times are expected to be delayed by the influx of vehicles crossing, but a person may experience an even longer wait if they do not carry the appropriate legal documents. Those who fail to provide any source of legal document will have to go through an inspection to prove citizenship.

Saenz also advised travelers to be aware of the laws regarding exports and imports.

"The agriculture products are the ones we take a look at--raw chicken, live animals," said Saenz. "Anything like that, we encourage the travelers to declare anything that they might've bought while they were abroad, and that way they can avoid any fines."

Although cascarones are a popular Easter tradition, only 12 of them will be allowed into the United States per person. They must also be washed, and free from any egg residue.

Some people who frequently visit Reynosa and get a first-hand look at the bridge told CBS 4 News that they are not concerned about the bridge wait times this weekend because, so far, there are no signs of heavy traffic.

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