Used car calamity in Harlingen

$500 is how much Paulina Napier put down on a Ford Explorer from Gabriel's Auto Sales in Harlingen.

"I drove it off the lot is was fine, took it home. The next day I drove it to work."

And what seemed like a good deal turned out to be a dud.

"I drove it back home that day and it left me stranded."

That was the beginning of the end for the vehicle she had hoped would get her to and from work and be used to get her sick father to his doctor's appointments.

Instead in the past 15 days since driving off Gabriel's lot she's only actually had the vehicle with her for 3 days during which time it stalled each time.

"They'll take it for like 3 or 4 days and work on it, I'll get it back and within a day or two it'll leave me stranded again."

The stress is overwhelming and Paulina claims Gabriel and the employees she has dealt with aren't making it any easier on her.

"When I called and talked to the gentleman, the one time I was able to get a hold of him, he told me he had other business to take care of worth thousands of dollars versus my $500 down payment. That's not fair to me because $500 to me is like $50,000."

After this interview, someone from Gabriel's Auto Sales showed up to Paulina's work to change out the alternator on the vehicle and then drove it away to get checked out at an auto repair shop.

Paulina says she then received a call asking for another 500 dollars or she won't get the Explorer back.

All she wanted was the original down payment to be returned and to be done with the SUV but now she's left with no money or way to get around.

We put in calls to the office and a cell phone and are waiting for a response from Gabriel's Auto Sales.