UTB events affected by violence in Matamoros

The gun battle going on across the border Friday afternoon didn TMt affect only Matamoros residents but also university students right here at home.

Adam Cardona is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

He said he never imagined his college experience would involve an almost daily occurrence of gunshots ringing out.

It is getting to close for comfort there TMs been a recent occurrence where actually some bullets did hit some vehicles and some buildings there on campus," said Cardona.

The UTB campus is located right next to the U.S./ Mexico border, making it easy for stray bullets coming from across to hit close to campus.

Adam said he's come up with a game plan to stay out of harm TMs by parking away from the border and always looks out for any gun fire.

I mean our parking lots are right there right next to where the violence is happening so it's pretty...I mean I would say sometimes it seems a bit too dangerous at times, said Cardona.

But the college student isn TMt too concerned with actually getting hurt instead he points out the university is acting quickly.

I think we TMre really are safe on campus of course there are things that we can prevent such as any kind of stray bullets that come over to campus or anything like that but other than that we have precautions in place and everything," said Cardona.

UTB isn TMt taking any chances, this weekend they cancelled classes and even school events.

Soccer games scheduled on campus were moved to the Brownsville Sports Park because of the UTB field's proximity to the border.