UTB program helps laid off workers start their own businesses

It's an idea aimed at helping retired and displaced teachers.

One that will not only help them find work, but jump-start their own small business.

"If they've been working already with a restaurant say an x amount of years, and his position was cut, then will focus on that, if its selling tamales or Avon, anything said Linda Torres, Program Coordinator.

She said due to the high unemployment rate and current recession, retirees are sometimes pushed to continue working to off-set inflation and/or pay-cut.

Torres said that's why there is more than ever a need to create small business owners.

To help with the process, professors from UTB, UTPA and ITEC will join forces to hold workshops, educating those interested in going through the process.

If your into a small business yourself, you need to know Quick Books, you need to know day in and day out expenses , keep track of your vendors, keep track of who TMs paid you and who has not."

The first workshop will begin June 20th and will last for 11 weeks.

And the cost, Torres said is very affordable.

"It TMs $199 for the whole program, we're going to make it possible to use a credit car so they can have those low monthly payments," said Torres.

If you would like more information on how to can contact Linda Torres at (956)-525-6016 or head to their website at