UTB reopens amid military helicopters flying overhead

Things seemed to be getting back to normal at the University of Texas at Brownsville campus on Monday.

Homecoming and other activities were canceled or relocated this weekend following hours of violence right across the border in Matamoros.

Students roamed the halls of the university today, chatted with friends on the computer and continued with their routine activities as usual.

Some students spoke to Action 4 News.

They said they don't feel threatened by the gun battle reported in Matamoros over the weekend but they TMre glad the university took the appropriate measures to avoid any incidents.

However, these students said after living near the border most of their lives, they would've never thought organized crime would affect their education.

"Well of course, you never expect anything like this to happen but again I'm glad they have procedures in place because it's always better safe than sorry, said business management student Brenda Lee Rios.

During an interview with Rios, several helicopters were spotted flying over head the UTB campus and the nearby Gateway International Bridge.

Mexican Navy officials could not confirm or deny any operations in the area but classes and other activities at UTB continued as scheduled.

School officials told Action 4 News that they will continue to monitor border violence and continue to advise students of any security threats.