Utility Bill Scam Tricks Texas Residents

Scams are everywhere.

They're presented over the internet, through email, with a phone call.

And sometimes, people fall for it, resulting in stolen identities and emptied bank accounts.

One latest scam says the federal government will help pay your electric bills if you just provide a social security number and a bank routing number.

"It's definitely a scam, Dolores Salinas with the Better Business Bureau said. It's been confirmed as a scam."

The confirmation came straight from the US Attorney General's office.

They stated victims who provide this personal information were given a so-called federal reserve bank routing number to pay their utility bills.

But in reality, there is no such program, no federal money, and no payments ever applied to the customer's accounts.

The Better Business Bureau said if these alleged scammers call you, don't believe it.

"If they're having problems paying their bills, if their bills are exceedingly high this time of year, the best thing to do is to call their electric provider and let them know you TMre having problems paying the bill, Salinas said.

In this case, many electrical service providers will put their customers on a payment plan.

There are also programs within the electrical company that caters to low income families.

"You can apply for assistance and through their different funds, they may be able to help you in paying part of your bill," Salinas said.

However, the electrical company won't be calling the customer about this assistance.

The customer has to go to the company.

"No electric service provider is going to email you, or call you, or ask for personal information. They make it sound like it's a government program, but it TMs not.