UTPA investigating claims of student beating

The University of Texas-Pan American now confirms a full investigation is underway surrounding an incident in which a 21-year-old student was reportedly seriously injured.

In a statement just released to Action 4 News, the Office of Public Affairs says they are looking into allegations that the student was hurt at a party that took place off campus.

The UTPA police department is conducting an internal investigation into what happened, but details are limited at this time.

Officials do, however, tell Action 4 News that if a UTPA student was, involved in misconduct regarding the incident that violates the UTPA Student Code of Conduct, disciplinary action will be taken.

Details of an alleged attack began surfacing via a Facebook page that appeared over the last 24 hours.

Several posts claim a student, identified in posts as Amancio Chapa, was severely beaten at a party allegedly thrown by a fraternity based out of UTPA.

A source tells us, the student suffered serious injuries including two broken eye sockets and is currently in the ICU of a local hospital.

The Facebook page says he is being transferred to San Antonio for further treatment.