UTPA's ROTC Bronc Battalion undergo water survival training

Members of UTPA's ROTC Bronc Battalion undergo routine exercises out in the field as part of the program and becoming commissioned officers.

The men and women participate in a variety of activities, where they learn military tactics as well as leadership and organizational skills.

While this is evident in the ROTC, most people don't know that the cadets are also required to go through combat water survival training, an intense drill designed to teach them how to stay alive in the water if there comes a time that they find themselves in trouble.

The combat water survival training consists of four challenges, one of which is called trouser inflation, where they learn to make a life vest out of their trousers.

The ROTC cadets say this training not only helps them build their confidence in the water, but also their ability to face other challenges that come about in their daily lives.

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