UTRGV classrooms take precedence over pricey administration building

The new super university is still moving ahead despite the announcement today that the proposed administrative headquarters for The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will be postponed indefinitely.

State Representative Rene Oliveira has been one of the instrumental parties pushing for the new university in the valley and says the administrative headquarters was a highly sought venture by several valley cities.

"It was a contest to have this building in their community but students come first," said Oliveira.

Guy Bailey the President of UTRGV made the announcement and says he and the rest of the administration will have to move around to the campuses valleywide.

"He will be at the Edinburg campus and in Brownsville," Oliveira told Action 4 News.

He adds there's no point spending millions of dollars on a new building for administrators when they need to buy more property to house classrooms, just like UTB is doing.

The plan is shifting from the multi million dollar admin building to possibly buying back space from TSC which took over nearly half of UTB's buildings when the two split.

"There are buildings that are not being used and they could be labs and classrooms," the state representative said.