UTRGV students voice concerns after racial slurs are posted inside girl's restroom

UTRGV students voice their concerns after hate speech graffitied inside girl's restroom on campus.

Students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Edinburg campus are voicing their concerns after racial slurs were graffitied inside a girl's restroom on campus.

"We have the word illegals, Mexicans, Heil Trump, no brown allowed-- I mean many different things, which is hateful rhetoric herein our institution," said UTRGV student Abraham Diaz-Alonzo.

The hate crime found inside the 1st floor female bathroom stall of the mathematics and general classroom building was reported on April 10, according to the UTRGV campus police.

"This particular hate speech was geared towards the Hispanic community,"said UTRGV Assistant Police Chief James Loya. "The university is 90 percent Hispanic, so we take all incidents of hate speech serious.”

Campus police said they still have not found anyone responsible for the markings, but do want to remind students that these kinds of offensive acts will not be tolerated.

While students hope they find the person or persons responsible soon, they hope the messages end here.

"We're once again going to have to prove ourselves that as women, this is not the kind of activity that we want to represent our university,” said UTRGV student Pamela Perez.

Loya said the investigation is still under investigation.

Students that represent the UTRGV Minority Affairs Council, Bilingual Education Student Organization, and LUCHA or the La Union de Chicanos Hijos de Aztlanm plan on voicing their concerns to UTRGV President Guy Bailey.

To report a hate crime, students can call UTRGV campus police at 956-665-7151.

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