Valley agency gets horse patrol

Border patrol has set up a new horse patrol unit to patrol the sector's 316 miles of river.

The horses are originally from the wild, but the agents will continue to train them so that they can help track down contraband or undocumented immigrants.

They get into the brush pretty good, and they climb up any hills basically anything I can climb up he can climb up, said agent Garcia.

Rambo is just one of the handful of horses border patrol adopted through the Noble Mustang Program.

So that they can help us with our horse patrol so that they can patrol down here in the Rio Grande Valley sector, said Rosie Huey with Border Patrol.

This is the first time the sector has adopted horses for the patrol.

Before, they would lease horses on contract.

Agent Garcia is one of the agents on the horse patrol.

He said he's been training Rambo for the past three weeks.

Teaching him the areas of the river and keeping him from spooking at different stuff that we have in the Valley that TMs different from where they come from, said agent Garcia.

By the time we have them all finished out they TMll be able to work traffic at night. They TMll help us out locating the aliens. Their hearing and smell is a lot better than ours, so they can pick it up before we even see the aliens. They TMll pick up the traffic.

By the end of the month, the plan is to add 5 to 6 more horses.