Valley air travelers react to failed terror attack

It's never easy saying goodbye, but the recent failed terror attack on a U.S. airliner made a farewell for the Contreras family even more difficult at Valley International Airport in Harlingen.

Gloria Contreras spoke to Action 4 News before she boarded a flight back to Arkansas.

She was in McAllen to visit with her brother when she learned about the sky scare in Detroit.

"Sometimes we have the tendency to drop the ball... And it shouldn't have happened," said Contreras.

The terror level at airports remains unchanged at orange or high alert.

Gloria said she still took precautions to ensure any extra security checks would not slow her down.

"I did look a little closer at the things I was bringing on board," she told Action 4 News.

Michael Browning, Director of Aviation, said passengers won't see the bulk of security changes when leaving from a domestic airport like in Harlingen, Brownsville or McAllen.

"You may see a little increased security around the airport but as far as the process to get to the airplane ... Very little is going to change at this point," said Browning.

Travelers are asked to follow government luggage and carry-on guidelines to avoid delays. Browning also advised passengers to arrive at the airport 45 to 60 minutes before any flight.

For the Pelletier family in Harlingen, they felt their son Brandon would be in good hands as he headed back home to Utah Monday afternoon.

"If anything it just made people more aware of it... And I think for people handling security it just keeps them on their toes in a sense," said Walter Pelletier.

And while some called the sky scare nothing more than an eye opener, some passengers said they can't shake off the thought how the skies aren't as friendly as they used to be.

Whether it's an isolated incident or not... it should not have happened," said Gloria Contreras.