Valley airport officials advise traveling 'smart' during the holidays

Whether youre leaving or arriving, traveling can be a hassle especially during the holidays.

"Just in the month of December we anticipate a little over 60,000 passengers arriving and departing from McAllen," said Cristy Taylor Salinas with McAllen's Miller International Airport.

If you add the new TSA security measures, flying just got a bit more complicated.

"The passenger has an option if they don't want to through the x-ray full body scanning, they can go through the pat down procedure," said Jose Mullet, Director of Marketing for Valley International Airport.

This new technology arrived at all three Valley airports just in time for christmas.

Although it may take extra time and effort, aviation administrators said they don't mind.

"Well we always welcome new technology that is going to help our screening process and detect any kind of new possible threats out there as far as any explosive device," said Mullet.

Larry A. Brown, Director of Aviation for the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport felt the same way.

"It's actually worked out quite well," Brown said. "We havent had any complaints about the screening here were are able to process people quickly get them on the plane make sure they don't miss a flight so forth so overall it's working pretty good." Quickness is the goal this holiday season and that's why airport crews told Action 4 News that they're working hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

Airport officials said they suggest travelers should arrive early, dress comfortably and pack accordingly.

They also advised, passengers should also know ahead of time what method they'd prefer, a pat down or the scanner, to ensure a speedy process.

But maybe the biggest tip to keep in mind this holiday season involves your gifts.

"We do encourage passengers to remember that they shouldnt wrap any presents because chances are TSA may have to unwrap them," explained Taylor.

Advise airport officials hope will make your trip a bit merrier.