Valley businesses affected by high gas prices

Businesses across the Rio Grande Valley are being affected by gas prices even flower shops, but they say they are trying to keep prices low.

The smell, looks, and the way they're arranged can brighten you're mood, but these flowers are costing a pretty penny.

"Everything has gone up," said Bonita Flowers and Gifts owner Dacia Zepeda.

So far the gas prices are affecting profits and not prices for the consumer.

"We don't want to increase prices because we're the Valley, so it just cuts into our profit, said Dacia Zepeda, owner of Bonita Flowers and Gifts.

Zepeda said 90 percent of their business is through delivery, and each van gasses up at least every other day.

"We average $900 to $1,200 dollars in gas," said Zepeda.

That TMs each month.

"We got two vans and we do have to gas up both vans every two days," said Christopher Ortiz who delivers arrangements for the shop.

Zepeda said it's not just the gas prices for delivery that's affecting business but also the fuel surcharge that shippers are charging to ship the flowers.

Every time there's a big price increase with gas they tend to add fuel surcharges," said Zepeda.

She said that fuel surcharge is added to everything they get shipped vases, flowers, plants everything they sell in the shop.

"It could be an additional $10 dollars per box or $4 dollars," said Zepeda.

It's a pretty penny for this business that's been around for 25 years, but to keep customers, Zepeda said she doesn't want to increase the prices for flowers just yet.

Zepeda said she's trying to keep prices as low as possible, but if gas prices keep increasing the way they are, she says she may have no other option than to increase prices as well.