Valley businessman gets $257,000 tax refund due to IRS error

A Valley businessman got a $250,000 dollar income tax refund thanks to an IRS mistake

An IRS keystroke error ended with an Alamo businessman getting a $257,000 tax refund but now, they want the money back.

Federal court records show that Roberto Aguilar got the quarter million dollar refund check in March 2011.

The $257,680.41 refund was all due to a keystroke error by an IRS employee.

Records show the IRS accidentally credited the trucking company owner $365,588 for his 2004 tax return.

Once his delinquent taxes were subtracted from the amount, the IRS issued Aguilar a refund for $257,680.41.

But IRS officials realized their mistake in May 2011 and reversed $356,588 credit demanding the money back.

Federal records show that Aguilar made several payments but still owes $196,614.41 to the IRS.

Tax attorneys with the IRS filed a lawsuit against Aguilar in McAllen TMs federal court on Monday to collect the remaining balance.

The Rio Grande Valley business man owns Aguilar Trucking in Alamo.

Action 4 News spoke to Aguilar via telephone on Tuesday.

Aguilar said he had been making payments was not aware of the IRS lawsuit.

Aguilar TMs McAllen-based attorney Ellen Stone declined to comment on the lawsuit.