Valley canals pose threats to those looking to cool off

The water might look innocent enough.

But walk just mere feet and that calm water soon turns into a rapidly moving death trap with virtually no way out.

"These canals are built slanted---there is slime on the sides and when you get in there it's hard to get out, Supervisor for the Donna Irrigation District Jerry Garza said. You have to have someone pull you out with a stick or rope or something. It's real dangerous."

Garza said, because of the drought, the irrigation district is working overtime to pump out as much water as they can.

"We're pumping from the River up to the reservoir and from there we pump to Monte Cristo, Garza said. The farmers want their water and we have to open up the gates."

He said the teens pulled from the canal on Tuesday were lucky.

"They got lucky. They got really lucky. If they had been closer to these gates they wouldn't have made it, Garza said.

Garza said if the teens would have been pulled through the gates they would have ended up under Business 83. He said if that would have happened the teens would have drowned.

"Once under business 83 there could be a lot of debris and she could've gotten hung up under there, Donna Mayor and Fire Chief David Simmons said. They would have had to drain the canal and that could've taken a couple of days."

Simmons was the person who administered CPR on the teen now on life support.

He said people need to obey the ~No Trespassing TM signs so they can avoid another incident like the one Tuesday that almost claimed two young lives.