Valley Christian High School students walk for 'Peace in Mexico'

Peace, love and prayer for Mexico.

"Mexico needs God to intervene," one student said.

Students at Valley Christian High School in Brownsville marked Mexico's Independence Day by taking to the streets.

"A lot of us have Mexican roots and we care what's going on in our country... All those innocent people that are suffering," one student said.

The two-mile walk was a chance for students to unite together in their message of hope that the drug cartel violence in Mexico will stop.

"To pray for the peace in Mexico for this violence to just end and the people to just have free lives," a senior student named Aaron said.

According to official figures released in Mexico back in January, some 36,000 people have lost their lives since President Felipe Calderon declared war on drugs.

But some believe the death total has now risent to more than 40,000 over the last six years.

There's chatter amongst intelligence agencies on U.S. soil to consider the drug cartels like insurgents, terrorists in the war on drugs.

Some 40 students at Valley Christian High live in Mexico and travel across the border to attend school.

They face increased danger as gun battles in Matamoros rage on.

Gail Hanson is founder of the school.

"It's scarier than the media is even telling," she said.

Aaron did not want to give his last name.

Fellow students like him feared their classmates, who are from Mexico, could be retaliated against by the drug cartels if the message of the walk wasn't taken the right way.

"I may not want to address that right now," Aaron said. "Suffice it to say they are people that can also be changed and we believe that."

Students praying for peace in Mexico, one step at a time.

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